Sponsor Check Names

Wondering who that check that just arrived in the mail came from? Here’s a list of all the sponsors we know of, and what company name goes on the checks they send out.

If we’re missing any companies from here or any of the entries are wrong, feel free to email corrections or additions to us at webmaster AT businessvoyeur DOT com


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  1. Business Voyeur » Blog Archive » Cash Titans Payout Change July 27th, 2005
    15:34 UTC

    […] This has been updated in our Sponsor Check Names list, and they also stated that there may be a very slight delay in receiving your next check due to the switch-over process to Futurelinq, however, within a short time you will be paid fully up-to-date. […]

  2. Business Voyeur » Blog Archive » Sapphic Cash Payout Changes September 24th, 2005
    23:27 UTC

    […] Epassporte Payments will now be sent out from the username ‘acruex’. They also advised tha this may change again in the short term, and they will issue an update if any when that happens. These payments will continue to reference Sapphic Cash in the payment details. These updates have been added to our check and ePassporte sponsor identification pages. […]