XVideos Stops User Uploading

In a message sent out by popular tube site Xvideos.com today, they have announced that they are no longer allowing users to upload their own content. Whether this is to do with the MegaUpload and FBI drama that has been going on, or to do with other reasons is as yet unknown, but one can’t help but speculate as to whether this is a trend we will start seeing across other tube sites as they try to avoid law enforcement and piracy agencies from jumping on them.

Today we are shutting down the video upload service completely, until further notice. We are heavily redesigning our content management process. There will be a human review of 100% of the past and future videos. We will systematically require additional information when the persons in the videos look young, or delete these videos before anyone can see them.

Please note : we are strongly against hosting videos featuring minors. We have been forwarding every probable underage video information, along with uploader details, to agencies such as FBI. Do not upload underage content, we don’t want it. It will get you in trouble and it hurts us too. You can read this page for more information. More details will be published soon.

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