Netpond issue statement on Affiliate Non-Payment

Netpond today posted on internet messageboards about the predicament their sponsor program is currently in.

“We have a few legal issues as the partners who supplied us the content for all of our sites have fucked us big time. We sued them for xx million but they are squealing like stuck pigs protesting about the lawsuit and have applied for security of costs as they believe that Meat is not an EU resident and have obtianed an order for us to pay a very substantial amount to the court in a bond to keep the lawsuit active.

If we lose this lawsuit then all of our affilaites could potentially infringe the copyright of the defendants and suffer the consequences of that.

Good news is that the defendants seem to have employed a bunch of retards to represent them. The trial date is set for next month. In the meantime I plan for all affiliates to be paid up to date very soon.”

After 3/4 years of the Netpond scandal blowing over, is abuzz with rumours that Meat has passed on. user ‘TheSquealer’ posted this message this afternoon on the messageboard.

People can say what they want about Meat and Aga but I can see that few know what they are talking about. What people did, who they helped, how kind they were at shows and who bought the drinks has NOTHING to do with how things ended. Just because someone was nice at shows, doesn’t make them competent or competent business people.

The simple fact is that Meat is/was so fucking dumb, he needed help tying his shoes. I understand people like Meat but he had more than a few screws loose. Anyone denying that, doesn’t know him and its as simple as that. Aga, for whatever reason seemed to feel he was Meats caretaker and made what I always thought to be an honest effort to babysit him and take care of him in spite of the fact that Meat was a massive liability in everything they were doing. No one could really understand this unless you knew what was going on behind the scenes and there were many many many people trying to convince Aga to part ways with Meat well before NPC died.

Afterall, Nick is posting here and he first took The Pond from Meat and fucked Meat out of his own forum because Meat was a fucking retard and a mess and a liability and a horrible business person… not because he woke up one day and said to himself “hey, i’m going to steal his domain because I can”. Aga at least tried to help Meat and make it work without fucking him over… even though it was clear to all who knew what was going on that Meat was just going to drag Aga and every venture down.

There were many people trying to tell Aga “if you don’t lose this guy, everything is going to fail” but Aga never cut his ties with Meat.

I don’t believe Aga or Gregg had the intention to rip people off. Like any business ran by shitty and inept business people, it fell apart. All their ventures fell apart. All their partnerships fell apart. NP itself fell apart. They always mismanaged money even when NP was near its peak and Meat was living in a rented mansion (er..”NP headquarters”), flying the entire crew to shows etc. Once the domino’s start falling, bill stop getting paid. All their ventures collapsed… from the board, to the dialer, to NPC/beta brigade or whatever.

Aga is smart, but it wasn’t the smart guy that was the biggest problem. Among all their other problems, including any real lack of business sense, it was Aga’s constant need to try to keep the painfully dumb guy and his endless string of “we gotta do this now” insanely stupid and poorly executed ideas from happening. If some of you people knew the shit that Aga had to spend his time talking Meat out of, you’d certainly have a different opinion of Meat. Aga never had the balls to sit Meat down and say “Hey man, uhm… maybe you aren’t the right guy to be meeting with execs from British Telecom or the Russian government” – instead, they went to important meetings where being at the top of your game is everything with an unintelligent, loud mouthed, disheveled lunatic with an IQ of 50 in the drivers seat.

People call a failing business “scammers” because the bills don’t get paid. Businesses fail. Money runs out. People don’t get paid when there’s no money to pay. They didn’t try to scam anyone, they just put themselves in the position where a lot of people ended up getting screwed as the board revenues and NPC collapsed at the about the same time.

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