Lexi Bardot rejoins the industry

After announcing her retirement from appearing in adult video productions a number of years ago, Lexi Bardot has recently rejoined the industry in the form of appearing exclusive for web companies and the sites that they run. This is great news for other currently inactive pornstars as it may signal the beginning of a trend in which girls who have retired from performing can find it easy to come back to the internet and either create official sites or alternatively they can produce scenes for online companies rather than having to sign contracts and start working as video girls again.

A selection of her new scenes are available on the link above and they show that Lexi is back to her old form, which is absolutely fantastic, she also has a few new tattoos that her fans will want to see so if you’re not already promoting this girl, then now would be a great time to get links up and start making cash from one of the best alternative girls in the industry in the last few years.

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