LightspeedCash add new Jordan Capri Content

As one of the most profitable solo girls on the web, instantly recognisable to thousands of fans, Jordan Capri has built up a legion of support over her few years online, and the program behind her, today announced and array of new content updates that have gone online on the site. After her infamous exploits in her hardcore debut (a ‘stolen’ honeymoon video) last year, a lot of traffic has been building to the site and she has been ranking highly in the most searched for porn star names, so if you don’t already have your links up then now is a good time to get promoting because she is still very fresh to the public.

This is part of a wave of updates to the now legendary teen sites that the program has such as Tawnee Stone and it means your conversions will be better along with rebills, which is great news on a revshare program like this. So if you’ve stopped promoting the program in recent times, now is your best chance to get straight back in and start making good solid cash with them again, with one of the new features of their program being their frequently updated rewards store in which you can choose all kinds of goodies to accompany your payments. Check it out now.

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