IMLive September 2007 Bonuses

August was an amazing month for webmasters, with big fat bonuses for everyone who hit their targets. This September, the leading webmaster affiliate network at PussyCash has LOWERED YOUR SIGN UP TARGETS and challenges you to continue sending sign-ups to ImLive and WildMatch for outrageously high payouts.

Hit your ImLive target and get $125 for EVERY ImLive sign-up, starting from the very first one!
Hit your WildMatch target and get $75 for EVERY WildMatch sign-up, starting from the very first one!

You’ve been given new ImLive and WildMatch sign-up targets based on your recent performance. If you’ve never promoted ImLive or WildMatch, or you’re new to PussyCash, you’ll receive a target that any webmaster could hit! Just hit your targets by September 30th and you’ll earn the maximum for every single sign-up you send – RETROACTIVE to the beginning of September. Webmasters who don’t hit their targets will still earn generous payouts of $50-$100 for every ImLive sign-up and $50 for every WildMatch sign-up.

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